LBO in-a-box : A Complete Packaged Solution

Initiated in 2007 with price cap obligations, this European Roaming policy is now being completed with the chapter III regulatory package which imposes to European MNOs to unbundle the European roaming services from the others. The two unbundling processes defined by the EC - Single IMSI and Local Break Out (LBO) – will be the key elements around which the European market will be organized at least for the 5 coming years. Among these, LBO is definitely the one at most stakes, as most MNOs are now convinced that they have to launch a LBO service in July 2014 after months of dithering.

For LBO to become a real commercial success, LBO providers must, before Q2 2014, implement a comprehensive IT environment able to manage foreign MSISDNs, target specific pricing plans according DSP, and automate the client lifecycle to simplify service activation; In fact, the expected business for LBO might be limited and uncertainties remain about its lifespan. Under these circumstances, most of the LBO providers plan to use external BSS platforms such as the one provided by Sisteer to launch their LBO services.

As a tier one Mobile Network Enabler, we strongly participate to the LBO development in one hand by being an active member of the technical regulation workgroups of the BEREC, in the other hand by designing and developing a cloud based LBO BSS platform. Our LBO In-a-Box solution enables a LBO provider to externalize all or part of its LBO offerings management. Our solution includes all the necessary components for a LBO offering management such as a real-time rating engine (OCS), a CRM system, a CMS and a mediation module.

Our LBO in-a-box solution is a direct evolution of our MVNE platform that we have been operating for more than ten years on various mobile networks (SFR, Orange, Virgin Mobile …). The complete mastering of our technical environment enables us to ensure that our LBO customers will benefit a first grade full functional platform which will be fully live before Q2 2014. They will be able to face the LBO challenges, to deploy the LBO strategy they wish and rapidly react if necessary.

Key Features


  • Prepaid and postpaid Online Charging System (OCS) for easy to implement attractive offers,
  • Complete CRM system for users and contracts management, including prospect discrimination features to enable prospect discrimination,
  • Intuitive and user friendly front-end system to support the most advanced LBO customer experience, fully compliant with the regulation
  • Multi-Brand capability to support partnership with Travel Retail partners
Key Benefits
  • Easy to implement : This solution is available through a standardized integration model directly with the GSSN of the LBO, but we are also able to adapt it to a wide variety of integration models based on MNO requirements.
  • Reliable : We have developed this solution based on our strong experience in the technical and business requirements necessary to support LBO. This experience is based on the background of a long track record of implementing & running full-MVNOs and IN-MVNOs and on our expertize regarding the EU Regulation to which we have actively contributed.
  • Cost effective : We provide a ground breaking and highly cost-effective solution built around a proven platform which has been deployed for nearly a decade in MVNO integration & managed MVNO services.
  • Modular : It is expandable to offer a suite of modular managed services, based on a mature carrier-grade platform and our experience in operating solutions to facilitate management of complexity. The service is scalable and expandable in terms of capacity and functionality which enables to  proactively manage market evolution

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