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IoT Connectivity

Take control of your IoT connectivity and boost your performance.

The IoT connectivity is not a standardized product: network coverage, functionalities, interfaces… they are not the same everywhere.
Our IoT connectivity solution is designed to increase your chances of success. Discover how to improve your performance with our IoT connectivity solution.

The IoT world starts now with Sisteer.

Sisteer is one of the main alternative providers of wireless connectivity in France.
Our mission: to help our customers and partners boost their IoT development with a reliable, economic and efficient connectivity.

Optimal service quality for the end-user

inforced SIM Cards to resist the supply chain constraints

A global access to the wireless networks

The IoT connectivity by Sisteer


Optimal coverage

Multiple network connectivity with a broadened and reliable coverage to offer a maximum level of quality to the end user.


Advanced management system

User-friendly and highly automated management platform to ensure the maximum efficiency of management teams. 


Expertise and support

Local expert support team to rapidly and efficiently meet customers requests.


Security and Compliance / The necessary facilities and functionalities to establish a Wireless IP network.


Sisteer offers a complete list of services allowing each service provider to secure the data exchanges between business servers and terminals in order to enhance the reliability of its activity but also to comply with regulatory demands.

Dedicated APN
Each client’s SIM card accesses the network via a dedicated and unique APN. The APN also allows to filter the accessible IP addresses as well as prevent any risks of hijacking.

Data encryption with VPN and physical links
Sisteer offers various secured data transport solutions between the network and data centers (VPN IPsec, VPN GRE, physical links, Radius integration) meeting the security standards of both small and big facilities.

Fixed IP Address
SIM cards can have a fixed IP address and can thereby be contacted at the server's initiative.


We support our customers through each step of their development in order to facilitate the handling of the solution (training sessions, expert consulting, level 2 and 3 phone support). We offer different levels of high quality services including a 24hour support as well as customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer and partner upon request.


Sisteer provides its customers with access to an advanced management platform by using Jasper technologies. It is accessible by API integration or through a self-service portal. The connectivity platform provides our customers with full visibility and a constant control over their SIM Cards and their usage.

Management portal
All functionalities and data are accessible via the management portal. It provides access to a large amount of data regarding usage, costs, state of cards and connection history. It is user friendly and quick to set up, and doesn’t require any training.

Real time diagnosis
The Sisteer’s connectivity platform allows to measure in real time the quality of the connectivity provided for each SIM card and, in case of reduced performance, it analyzes the communication chain in detail – from the SIM status validation to the verification of the SS7 transactions and the detail of the sessions.

Real time alerts
Sisteer ‘s connectivity platform continuously analyzes the SIM behaviour and can automatically engage a series of actions in case of atypical behaviour. The engagement threshold and specific actions are entirely customizable and adapt to every industry.

Most of the data and functionalities are available through an API to integrate the connectivity platform with the business platform of our customers, thereby reinforcing the automated connectivity management.


Sisteer offers a high performing IoT connectivity, structured around 3 essential components.

High quality of service
Coverage, reliability, recovery time, data integrity… the Sisteer IoT connectivity was designed to comply with the most demanding quality standards in the market place.

A global access to wireless networks
Our operator agreements give us access to almost all mobile operators in the world. Our SIM cards are therefore capable of being connected to practically every spot covered by at least one network.

Reinforced SIM Cards to resist supply chain issues
Sisteer uses reinforced SIM cards designed to meet the demands of IoT usage (temperature, oxidation, humidity, sustainability…).
Our SIM cards are available for all types of form factors, with or without packaging, and the shipping process can be adapted to any necessity in order to facilitate their integration in the supply chain.

The choice of a reference for high performance M2M connectivity

Sisteer selected the Tele2 network services to develop its M2M Connectivity.

It is a leading connectivity offering high performance and reliability.

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