Bridging the gap between MNO and End-users

From most MNOs point of view, the MVNOs partnership model is now recognized worldwide as the most effective one to address niche markets, enhance market positioning and improve EBITA margin.

Sisteer drives this partnership model by providing a complete set of OSS and BSS services that connect the Service Provider with is customers and is hosting MNO.

Our platform supports multiple operators, networks, services, brands, partners and third parties. It is the most cost-effective, fast and profitable route to market wireless services out of MNOs’ environment.

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Carrier grade environment
Coherent carrier grade environment for you investments

The quality of service is necessary for the commercial success of any operator evolving into a crowded market. It is also a requirement for MVNE wishing to develop strong partnerships wih major operators.

After 10 years as a MVNE, we have made a multi-vendors BSS and Core Network carrier grade platform, selecting systems and technical solutions that meet the requirements of our MNO partners. We are now proud of the trust they place in us by delegating to us the management of their MVNOs and the hosting of their own MVNO, ARP or LBO offers.

Fast track your launch
Unmatched time to market

On the increasingly saturated mobile market, operators need to launch new offerings faster and at lower cost. This requirement puts pressure on organizations and systems and encourages managers to adopt innovative approaches, such as outsourcing to MVNEs all or parts of the customer processes.

Thanks to a complete control of our environment, a strong integration expertise and proven project methodology, Sisteer is able to implement onto any mobile network a dedicated MVNE environment within months, where the launch of any new offer or  operator is a matter of weeks. Operators can enter the market at the right time, or adapt their offer with no delay.

Improve profitability
Address your customer target with low TCO

Sisteer supports its customers on all aspects of their business model, by providing them with products needed to increase the ARPU, greatly reducing capital and operating expenditures while contributing to customer loyalty thanks to great customer experience. You address your customers more efficiently, your risk is limited and you can focus your resources on your business development. Once your customer base installed, you can, if you wish it, internalize all or parts of the processes that were externalized to Sisteer and thus expand your presence on the value chain.